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Tradition means respect of history, knowledge of flavours.

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Learn cooking and have fun!
With Chef Shady and Susanna Cutini

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We put falafel tradition
among layers of big taste.

Simple dishes, complex research

Like a carbonara, so studied, so loved.


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Our menu follows seasons and passion. Find out what we thought for you, begin a journey through the delicious routes.


Social Cooking

Learn cooking and have fun! Take a course with Chef Shady and Susanna Cutini.


Tuscany Cooking

Discover Tuscany by its flavours: customised courses, fast experiences for tourists, team building, and it can be done at home too!


Chef Shady

Deeply in love with art, colours and the Mediterranean food. Find out recipes and follow our great Chef.

The "Rotte Ghiotte" is your journey through the Mediterranean flavours.

Start a journey through traditional and exotic flavours, flour with Tuscanian accent and Mediterranean spices. The meaning of "Rotte Ghiotte" is "Delicious Routes", a place in which the history of Italian regional recipes mixes together with the charm of Middle East, North Africa and the European Peninsulas.

Enter our restaurant..

  • Pranzo di Natale

    Domenica 25 dicembre - ore 13:00 Menù Bollicine di benvenuto antipasto:Crostino nero AR'16 primo:Cappelletto parmigiano e prosciutto crudoPolenta rossa salsiccia e funghi ...

  • Cenone di Fine Anno

    Sabato 31 dicembre - ore 20:30 ...aspettando il 2017 Musica dal Vivo e Intrattenimento con Flavio e Alessandro - themusicbox.it Menù Bollicine di benvenuto antipastoClu ...

  • Il Tuo Pranzo o la Tua Cena Aziendale

    Prenota il tuo pranzo o la tua cena aziendale... ...

  • Social Cooking Genitori&Figli

    Scuola di CucinaGenitori&Figli Il divertimento raddoppia!!! ISCRIVITI SUBITO! Chiamaci allo 0575 26187o vieni a trovarci al Ristorante Le Rotte Ghiotte ...

  • Gift Cards

    Non sai cosa regalare a Natale,vuoi fare una bella sorpresa per unanniversario o per un compleanno?...Vieni a Le Rotte Ghiotte a scoprirele nostre Gift Cards e regala unacena ...

  • Un Tajine ricco di Sorprese...

    E’ uno spezzatino di carne speziato che necessita di una cottura prolungata e lenta. Paragonabile allo stufato alla sangiovannese, piatto tipico di San Giovanni Valdarno.  ...

  • Tonnarelli alla Carbonara (vista da me)

    Pochi e semplici ingredienti: uova e farina per i fare i tonnarelli, sono spaghetti alla chitarra, ma solo più spessi. Mentre per il condimento, uova fresche , pecorino stagi ...

Our Services

Tuscany Cooking

How can you get to know Tuscany without the taste of its cooking, its aromas and its flavours? The Rotte Ghiotte offers courses to tourists, travellers and anyone wanting to try out first courses of homemade pasta and sauces, soups and risottos, as well as main courses, seasonal vegetables and desserts
All participants get the chance try out Tuscan recipes.
How often have you failed at home to reproduce a meal that you first tasted in a restaurant?
So, what are you waiting for?!
Our motto is “If you make it yourself, then you will be able to make it again when you go home.” And, just like at home, the participants sit down together to enjoy the meal they have prepared and wash it down with a bottle of local wine.

Each session follows this pattern:
- Two dishes are prepared in about two hours.
- A maximum of 10 people take part, each with his/her own cooking space and materials.
- Sessions can held be in Italian, or English, as required.
- Sessions are usually held in the morning, although it is possible to make alternative arrangements for a group if required.
- A signed certificate by Chef Shady will be awarded to each participant at the end of the course
- A complete kit with cooking gadgets and an apron will be provided for each participant.

Social Cooking

“Social Cooking” is the name of a series of cooking classes, offered by Le Rotte Ghiotte and the Accademia Italiana Di Gastronomia Storica (The Italian Historical Academy of Gastronomy). “Cooking is fun” is the motto of these classes, directed by Chef Shady and Susanna Cutini.
Courses are made up of five sessions, all held on Tuesday evenings. Ten participants gather for the master class, each with his/her own cooking area with all the necessary equipment and ingredients. Everyone then has the opportunity to cook the recipes suggested by the Chef, as well as personalizing the flavours to their own taste. “My aim,” says Shady, “is not to teach how to produce a single dish, but rather to offer a base from which individuals can then develop their creativity.” At the end of the session, everyone shares the meal which has just been prepared.
"Social Cooking" is all about learning and having fun, especially as everyone can join our classes: adults, children, beginners and seasoned chefs.


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